Are you a Newfoundland and Labrador firm that has a product, process, or service that improves on environmental performance... by increasing efficiencies, or reducing 'wastes'? That's a clean technology. Click the button below to ensure your clean technology appears in the 2017-18 directory!


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What is 'Clean Technology'?

Clean technology refers to products, processes, and services that improve on environmental performance in support of sustainable development and clean growth. Practically speaking, the use of clean technology can mean improving efficiency, reducing wastes, and/or mitigating the environmental risks of business activity.

What are some real-world examples?

* a service that helps reduce water use in manufacturing processes

* a filter that can help reduce the amount of oil used

* processes to treat wastewater

* equipment that can reduce electricity use

* the monitoring of pollution sources

* technology that helps re-use crab shell waste

* a software model that can predict oil spill dispersion

* renewable energy development

* waste management services

* services for environmental remediation / improvement

* and much more!

Unsure if your product or service can be considered clean technology? Contact us.

Why is clean technology important?

Canada and its provinces have made commitments to reduce greenhouse gasses and environmental impacts. The development and adoption of clean technology in Canada is critical in the country’s efforts to achieve these objectives, while contributing to sustainable economic development.

What does it mean for Newfoundland & Labrador?

As every industry has an impact on the environment in one way or another, clean technology can be applied and found in all of them – from oil and gas, to mining, to aquaculture, to transportation, to manufacturing, etc. This presents enormous opportunities for the creation of new products, processes, and services within our industries here in Newfoundland and Labrador that can be exported worldwide.

Why join the directory?

The CleanTechNL Directory will be used to educate and inform planners and decision-makers. It will help procurement officials, engineers, architects, consultants, and other customers with an environmental mandate to source products, services, and processes that are available right here in our province. It will be used as a marketing tool internationally to highlight the capabilities of Newfoundland and Labrador firms. It will help connect those seeking to adopt clean technologies within the province with those who can provide it.

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